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ELDER EXPEDITIONS offers vacations for seniors, designed especially for fit and energetic age 50 plus travelers in search of multisport senior travel packages as well as active senior single travel concepts. We at Elder Expeditions espouse a fundamental credo that physical fitness, activity and diversification are essential keys to maintaining a healthy body and mind, increasing the likelihood of longevity and graceful ageing. In line with that credo, ELDER EXPEDITIONS regards the fiftieth birthday as OUR TIME, as a new threshold, an exciting epoch in lifeís evolution: OUR TIME, a time to self-indulge, a time to re-invent and re-create, a time to explore.....

Elder Expeditions was created in 2009 to benefit fit and active individuals, 50 and over, who love the outdoors, who enjoy participation sports, who are in search of senior adventures and who picture themselves:

  • Riding horses through picturesque and remote areas of Europe, the Americas, Africa and beyond,
  • Hiking through mountains and the countryside in off-the beaten path locations,
  • Whitewater rafting in Central America, the Himalayas, etc.,
  • Hiking the Andes in Peru and Ecuador,
  • Hiking to the crater of vast Latin American volcanoes,
  • Hot air ballooning over the Serengeti, or the Jordanian Desert
  • Guiding a dog sled through the French Alps,
  • Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro,
  • Biking through scenic countryside regions of France, England, etc.
  • Paddling a kayak or a canoe in Europe, Asia, North and South America,
  • Zip wiring across vast chasms in Latin America,
  • Enjoying a horse drawn sleigh ride in Transylvania,
  • Exploring ancient caves in France or Romania,
  • Going on camel or elephant safari in Africa, the Himalayas, or the Sahara Desert,
  • Igloo building in Transylvania,
  • Cycling across the Central American isthmus on senior bicycle tours with our senior cycling club,

If this describes YOU, then ELDER EXPEDITIONS, with its carefully planned multisport senior travel packages, is for YOU!

Elder Expeditions' tour packages are typically one to two weeks in duration during which time participants, immersed in the local culture, will have opportunities to engage in a variety of sporting activities.. The traditional Elder Expeditions senior travel packages include a minimum of three active (but not extreme) sports.  A few different types of vacations for seniors have been added to the traditional Elder Expeditions roster:  senior bicycle tours with our senior cycling club, two and three country multi-sport trips, and multi-sport language immersion trips. Most Elder Expeditions trips will include cultural activities which are sometimes unusual, sometimes eccentric, and always entertaining. At most of our destinations, participants will have some “free” roam about time as well as shopping opportunities.

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Words and even pictures cannot describe what I experienced in the mountains of Romania. My bucket will never become full of God's awesome wonders and my love for nature and life. Thank you Elder Expeditions for adding to my bucket list with such an incredible journey.
Ann G., Jackson, Georgia

The Nepal expedition was incredible. I loved every minute and all the activities -- trekking, river rafting, canoeing, elephant riding, as well as the early morning mountain flight along the Himalayas.
Caron A., San Francisco, CA

For my 65th birthday, I treated myself to an Elder Expeditions trip. It was my first time to solo travel. The guide as well as the other folks in our group were so patient and encouraging and made me feel that I could do anything that I put my mind to. After the first night I felt that I had been off on solo adventures all of my life. Iím already planning my next Elder Expeditions trip which will be much further from home.
Sandra K., Louisville, KY

Our kids gave us an Elder Expeditions long weekend for our fortieth anniversary. We hiked and biked and paddled kayaks. Everything was perfect from the cozy cabins to the outstanding food. Our guide even surprised us with an anniversary cake.
Ruby Ann G., Montgomery, AL

During our Elder Expeditions jaunt we undertook activities that we thought were relegated to the distant past. As we paddled our tandem kayak over some shoals in the Flint River, both my wife and I recognized how nice it was to become reacquainted with ourselves.
Eugene & Meg J., York, PA

A perfect trip! Elder Expeditions did a superb job of making me feel comfortable and competent, even though I had not been on a horse in over forty years and had never paddled a kayak. Thank-you Elder Expeditions. Iíll be seeing you again soon.
Sarah Z., Florence, SC